Sukanto Tanoto Biography


Sukanto Tanoto biography site is where you can get the highlights of various aspects of his life, whether as an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a social and environmental steward or a father.

Sukanto Tanoto was born in Medan, Indonesia, and is the founder and chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), a group of world class companies focused on resource-based manufacturing industries. A more detailed biography of Sukanto Tanoto can be viewed on the next page or you can refer to Sukanto Tanoto Wikipedia page.

Through a casual writing style, this site provides a glimpse of his character and personality, something that many people may be unaware of. Despite his preference to keep a low profile, some of his sharings have been very inspirational to others, especially to the younger generation. Sukanto Tanoto always believes that ‘If you do not know, ask someone who knows’. The content of this site is provided by people who have worked closely with him. Many others would probably have read about Sukanto Tanoto from other sources, but truth to be told, many of these sources do not provide a full picture of this man. That is why this site will provide an excellent alternative source of information about Sukanto Tanoto.

Some of these topics covered will be related to his businesses and entrepreneurship, while others will be about his philanthropy activities and personal life. Extending beyond Sukanto Tanoto alone, more information will also be revealed about his next generation who will be largely involved in the operations and expansions of his businesses in the future.