Sukanto Tanoto as a Book Enthusiast

An employee of RGE once said that Chairman Sukanto Tanoto has a strong ability to remember things, he reads extremely fast and is very quick in processing information. He is a book enthusiast.

As a book enthusiast, he will absorb the opinions of different books and combine them with the knowledge he learnt in school, using them to integrate with practical problems encountered in business and turn them into useful methodology. Whether he is at home or overseas, every time he sees important industry news or other significant information, he will share them with his senior management. He persuades his staff and his children to read, think and apply the knowledge they have learnt.

It is the great amount of knowledge he has accumulated that makes Sukanto Tanoto able to break the tradition and innovate in both business development and management. Sukanto Tanoto is often known as the walking encyclopedia, having many important information at his fingertips. Don’t ever try to test his general knowledge!

Tanoto Library in Prasetya Mulia Business School

Tanoto Library in Prasetya Mulia Business School

Besides reading for knowledge, Sukanto Tanoto also believes that the act of reading itself can help to increase alertness and keep the brain stimulated. Getting the brain active and engaged helps to prevent it from losing its power, to keep it strong and healthy. Reading also helps him to reduce stress. He is always actively looking for engaging stories because engaging articles will distract him and keep him in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing him to relax.

Not everyone is able to understand the amount of stress a successful businessman is facing everyday. It ranges from thinking about the sustainability of the business and expansion of the business. If they do not know how to release their stress, they will not function normally and may eventually make decisions that are not properly thought through, jeopardising the company and the livelihood of their employees.

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