The Reason Why Sukanto Tanoto donated to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Sukanto Tanoto expressed his loyalty to the Motherland and love for the Olympic Games by donating a total sum of USD5 million to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

As early as April 2003, before plans for the co-funding of the construction of Beijing Olympic Games competition venues by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and other overseas Chinese were confirmed, the Beijing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (BOCAO) had already received an overseas donation of USD 1.5 million. This is the first donation that the National Aquatics Center (NAC) received, and Sukanto Tanoto, Founder, Chairman and CEO of then RGM International (now known as RGE), also became the first donator to the 2008 Olympic Games NAC.

As a matter of fact, when the proposal for Olympic venue funding and construction was under discussion, Sukanto Tanoto, who was in Singapore at that time and heard this piece of news, immediately declared to the BOCAO officials who were visiting Singapore, that he would be very glad to make a donation to support the construction of the “Water Cube”. At the same time, he also suggested to the BOCAO officials that they should not set a minimum donation amount for the construction of Olympic Games venues. Donations should not be judged by the amount. Every cent represents the donators’ love for their motherland and their support for the Olympic Games. In the next five years, Sukanto Tanoto did not stop providing support to Beijing Olympic Games. All in all, he donated a total of USD 5 million.

The reason why Sukanto Tanoto donated to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 is to help China gain world affirmation and recognition of their development. With the gradual development of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), especially after the reform and implementation of an open door policy, China has made great advancements in many aspects such as economy, culture and sports, and the national power has also greatly increased. China needs such an opportunity to present an image of a country which is on the route to national renaissance, spread the values of Chinese harmony and friendship, and show the spirit of all Chinese people.

Overseas Chinese have always felt close ties to China and a mission to repay the country of their ancestors. “Our destiny is closely linked to the development of our motherland. Only when our motherland becomes strong, can we conduct our business with confidence. The Beijing Olympic Games provides an opportunity to gather Chinese people around the world to contribute to our motherland”, said Sukanto Tanoto. The “Water Cube” built on donations has brought together the hearts and minds of overseas Chinese from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and all over the world.

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