RGE’s sustainability framework puts Sukanto Tanoto’s business philosophy into action

RGE’s founder, Mr Sukanto Tanoto, is a strong believer in sustainability. His 4Cs philosophy, which sees all businesses in the RGE group benefitting country, climate, community and company, is being realized by the business activities of every business in the group.

In 2015, RGE launched a comprehensive sustainability framework that commits all its companies to the promotion of environmentally responsible management and procurement. Practically speaking, this includes the following actions:

  • Proactively supporting local communities;
  • Respecting indigenous rights;
  • Responsible workplace practices;
  • Supporting conservation;
  • Never contributing to deforestation;
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Responsible peatland management and pulp and wood chip sourcing.

By carrying out these actions, RGE companies hope to fulfill Mr Tanoto’s vision of a group that makes an active contribution to environmental sustainability.

Implementing Mr. Tanoto’s vision across industries – and countries

Each of the RGE group’s companies operates in a different industry, with manufacturing plants and customers located all over the world. Despite these differences, the group is committed to following Mr Tanoto’s 4Cs to achieve sustainability in all its operations.

In order to harmonize the priority of sustainability across different companies and industries, RGE’s companies – including APRIL, Sateri, Asia Symbol, Asian Agri and Apical – have developed their own sustainability frameworks.

The various frameworks share the common values of environmental responsibility and active engagement with stakeholders – with the end goal of making Mr Tanoto’s environmental philosophy a reality.

To find out more about RGE’s environmental initiatives, please follow Mr Sukanto Tanoto via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, About.me or LinkedIn

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