APRIL and Asian Agri, two RGE companies founded by Sukanto Tanoto, host prestigious academic study visit in Kerinci

Recently, a study group of 55 Master students visited the town of Kerinci in Riau, Indonesia to observe sustainable environmental policy in action at APRIL and Asian Agri – two companies founded by RGE chairman and entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto, that are major employers in the region.

The Masters in Public Administration students from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore arrived in Kerinci for their first-ever Governance Study Project, keen to see how environmentally sustainable management theories are implemented by real-world companies.

Scholars impressed by APRIL and Asian Agri’s performance

In keeping with Sukanto Tanoto’s business philosophy, both APRIL and Asian Agri have gone to great lengths to invest in jobs, skills development, education, and the general welfare of the Kerinci community.

This aspect of the two companies’ management policy impressed the visiting students, who commented that “the well-being of broader interests” was being successfully improved in Kerinci.

Developing human potential for the future

In line with Mr Tanoto’s vision for all his businesses, APRIL and Asian Agri strive to be organizations that are “good for the country, good for the climate and good for the company”.

The study group’s observations confirmed that this is indeed taking place, noting the improvement in living standards, education, and overall quality of life of the Kerinci community. This positive trend should lay the foundations for a bright future in the town, as well as in the surrounding Riau province.

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