A Company for the Community: April Lauded for Employee Volunteering Programme Under Sukanto Tanoto’s Leadership

Sukanto Tanoto, philanthropist and founder of RGE –which counts companies such as APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas amongst its business groups –has always built, managed, and led his businesses with the 4Cs: creating good for the community, climate, country, and the company. Under this guiding philosophy, RGE and its business groups continue to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner, going beyond to create value for all its stakeholders. It is a direct result of this philosophy as espoused by Mr. Tanoto, that APRIL was recently lauded for its Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP) Community Development (CD).

A little less conversation, a little more Gotong Royong

April’s volunteering initiatives are a continuation of Sukanto Tanoto’s commitment to, and belief in growing the company with the community. In Pangkalan Kerinci, where the EVP is carried out, APRIL’S work has been praised for helping re-grow the spirit of Gotong Royong (team work) in the community. According to the Head of Pangkalan Kerinci, Fahrulrozi, the EVP helps build ‘cohesiveness between communities’ and a ‘peaceful atmosphere between people’.

A company for the community: April lauded for employee volunteering programme under Sukanto Tanoto’s leadership

More than a vision: Sukanto Tanoto’s philosophy comes to life

In a time where team work and a sense of community are dying traits, APRIL’s work becomes all the more important, a welcome boost to the community benefiting from their initiatives. The latest EVP implemented a month before Ramadan will help residents have a more conducive environment for worship. More than that, it will help ensure ‘the relationship between the community and employees continue to be harmonious’, Al Anhar, Head of Lipat Kain Village.

The positive effects of APRIL’s work on the community are testament to the importance and relevance of Sukanto Tanoto’s guiding philosophy. As mentioned by Sundari Berlian, manager of APRIL’s CD, ‘companies do not want to grow alone’, but to grow instead with ‘the surrounding community, to grow and move forward (together)’. He added that the company must be good for the community, country and climate, before it can be good for itself.

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