The Heritage Showcasing the Life Journey of Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto

Fourteen correspondents from the Riau Provincial Journalists Forum Legislative Council recently travelled to Uniland Plaza Complex in Medan to visit The Heritage, where a historic display of Sukanto Tanoto’s life journey was held. At the display visitors could find out how Sukanto Tanoto build the company Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) from the ground up, and all the struggles he faced on the way.

Sukanto Tanoto

RGE consists of a group of world class companies focused on resource-based manufacturing industries such as crude palm oil, energy resource development, pulp and paper, speciality cellulose and viscose staple fibre.

The company was founded in 1973 by Mr Tanoto in Indonesia, and was originally named Raja Garuda Mas (RGM). The name was changed to Royal Golden Eagle on 9 September 2009 to reflect the globalisation and diversification of its numerous business groups.

In 1981 Mr Tanoto and his wife began their philanthropic journey by building and opening a kindergarten, elementary school and high school in North Sumatra, Indonesia. In 2001, the Tanoto Foundation was established in Singapore by Mr Tanoto, his wife and their four children, whom are all actively involved in the Foundation and are on the board of Trustees. The Tanoto Foundation is a privately funded, non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of living in impoverished areas that RGE has through education, empowerment and enhancement of living.

According to Nobel, Chairman of Journalists Forum Legislative Council, the visit gave him an in depth view of the man behind the global company (RGE) that has made such a large impact on the Indonesian business world and contributes so much to local communities. Nobel believes that the documented history showcasing Sukanto Tanoto’s struggles and victories will be able to convey to visitors how important persistence, hard work and determination are to achieve success.

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