RGE Group’s Branding Highlights World-Class Aspirations

RGE Group, the $15 billion family of companies led by Indonesian-born philanthropist and entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto, celebrated its fifth anniversary of doing business under that name on September 9, 2014. Mr. Tanoto’s corporate group had originally been known as RGMI, or RGM International. RGE, which stands for “Royal Golden Eagle,” also means “Raja Garuda Emas” in Bahasa Indonesia, the main language of the country. Founded more than three decades ago as RGM (or “Raja Garuda Mas”) International, the natural resources manufacturing corporate group originally focused on a more local customer base. Since then, Mr. Tanoto has increasingly guided his business interests into an international market, and the new name reflects this expansion and the spirit of hopefulness going forward.



With a focus on sustainable growth across its family of industries-wood pulp production, cellulose products, agribusiness interests, and energy production through natural gas and other resources-RGE Group works to improve the local and national economies in the nations in which it does business.

Additionally, the company and the nonprofit Tanoto Foundation focus on giving back to society as a whole through funding higher education scholarships and other education-related projects, as well as medical research and assistance to smallholders and other rural populations. Employing more than 50,000 people around the world, RGE Group takes its responsibilities seriously as it works to achieve a positive dialogue and transparency in its relationships with local communities.

Since it began in 1973, Sukanto Tanoto’s corporation has seen a number of milestones. In recent years, they have included the construction of what is now the world’s largest pulp mill in Rizhao, Shandong Province, China, and the Sateri International Group’s filing of its application for a listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, in 2010. In the following year, APRIL Indonesia and APRIL China began operation as two self-contained units of RGE Group in its wood pulp, fiber, and paper products manufacturing sector.

RGE Group’s attention to forest conservation and sustainability have received praise from a range of authorities. In 2013, APRIL received certification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification for its efforts in this field. Among the firm’s most recent accomplishments is the 2014 letter of intent signed between representatives of its Woodfibre LNG natural gas concern and the government of British Columbia for a projected operation in Canada.

As chairman of RGE Group, Sukanto Tanoto also wanted to take the opportunity in 2009 to celebrate his 60th birthday by focusing on his companies’ future business aspirations on the global playing field. As an entrepreneur in the developing world, he has learned how to manage work groups and resources in order to meet growing demand for his products from governments, industries, and consumers in a sustainable and responsible way.

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