Royal Golden Eagle- Founded by Visionary Sukanto Tanoto

RGE Founder Sukanto Tanoto VisionarySukanto Tanoto is the Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) which was established in 1973. RGE was originally formed to create a local plywood manufacturing company, after Mr Tanoto realized that Indonesia had been exporting raw materials to Japan and Taiwan to be converted into plywood, before importing the finished product back to Indonesia at great costs.

RGE ensures to take significant measures to protect the environment and build up sustainable operations where ever its businesses operate. By fighting against illegal logging and demolishing of forests, and complying with the highest standards set for the energy efficient manufacturing processes, Sukanto Tanoto aims to protect the high conservation value forests in Indonesia.

All RGE business groups and ventures strive to operate on sustainable growth through incorporating environmental protection, cutting edge technology, new ideas and social responsibilities into all areas of operation. From its modest beginnings, RGE has grown to be a successful international business with assets of more than $15 Billion, which employs roughly 50,000 people and has manufacturing companies in not only Indonesia but also in Brazil and China. Mr Tanoto has built RGE from the ground up, and expanded it to be a global business of first-class companies centred resource-based industries.

Each business group within RGE works independently within its own holding company which is supervised by an appointed board of directors. These business groups cultivate partnerships with local villages, providing the inhabitants with farming skills, vocational training and financial assistance. This program offers the villagers work opportunities, as well as gives them a platform to start their own businesses, which significantly improves their standard of living.

Sukanto Tanoto is the founder and benefactor of the Tanoto Foundation, which supports a wide range of social and humanitarian causes. The foundation aims to break the cycle of extreme poverty of individuals living in underserved communities through educational and entrepreneurial programs.

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