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Truly, Sukanto Tanoto reflects clearly how ‘Diligence establishes the demeanor of a great person through several decades’ cultivation.’

“President Sukanto Tanoto is farsighted and good at practicing. He can put the foresight into practicing ……”
“President Sukanto Tanoto has willpower and firm faith ……”

Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto

To speak of Sukanto Tanoto, several old officials who have already followed him for nearly 20 years have endless words to talk. Sukanto Tanoto interposed a remark often, which makes the atmosphere very active. Some staff said President Sukanto Tanoto was full of energy and others couldn’t catch up with, Sukanto Tanoto asked with a smile ‘why can’t you surpass me?” When some staff said they never see that President Sukanto Tanoto was tired, Sukanto Tanoto added: “Why am I not tired, that’s because you didn’t see.” To the statement of having daring and resolution, Sukanto Tanoto corrected and said: “Daring and resolution, do you calculate it? (because) I have calculated it very clearly.” What the staff said above are verified by pieces of facts.

Sukanto Tanoto further shared that during the initial stage of his business enterprise, a design consultant was invited from a foreign country. “He looked down on us and even withdrew later. The staff at that time took it to heart, I encouraged them not to be angry, but try to make a good showing. A few years later, the atomic bomb exploded.” Sukanto Tanoto said. All the staff of RGE took great pride in the miracle of the world’s paper and pulp industry created by themselves from scratch.

“No experience does not mean I cannot do it. Chinese people are so. There is no atomic bomb, they can make one. There are no satellites, they can make one too relying on their own efforts. But don’t be crude and impetuous. Before we do, we spent two years studying from others, investigate and study more. Use more talents. Those who do not understand don’t pretend to know. Think carefully before (you make any) action. Once you make the decision, you should stick to (it).”

As a leader, he is someone who goes and walk the ground, willing to mentor and nurture his staff, encourage, motivate them and develop their potential. He believes that talents can be nurtured. As a leader of a multi-billion dollar enterprise, he also believes that giving empowerment and trust is important in order to form the lasting relationship with his employees. Being diligent is not a short-term requirement for a business. It has become a lifestyle that every successful person should have – to make a conscious effort to be diligent. Eventually such a lifestyle and habit will form your character and behaviour. It is not easy and it takes time, but it pays off at the end.

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