Sukanto Tanoto Quotes

Sukanto Tanoto’s Quotes


As a visionary leader, Sukanto Tanoto believes in a set of business values that he always share with his employees.These quotes are valuable and they help to realign every employee’s vision to the company’s vision. These quotes also act like motivational food for employees to strive hard to achieve success. Sukanto Tanoto always motivate and coach employees and is always willing to share his experiences especially with the younger ones, earning respect from the people around him.

  1.  Triple Bottom Line (3P) – Business should be Good for People, Good for Planet, Good for Profit.
  2. “In Finland, where it takes 70-100 years to grow a tree, you plant a tree for your grandson. In Spain or Portugal where it takes 20-25 years, it is for your son. In Indonesia, you can grow a tree for yourself in 7-10 years”


  1.  “We are building a business, not a project.”
  2.  Perseverance – “If you want to do something you must be prepared to sacrifice for it, to accept the commitment and take the burden.”
  3.  Continuous self learning – “while we were doing we were learning”
  4. “Making mistakes in the first attempt is sometimes unavoidable. However, what is important is we must learn from these mistakes and do not repeat the same.”

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