Tanoto Foundation donates over 3,000 books to 6 district schools in Indonesia

To Mr Sukanto Tanoto, having access to good quality education and guidance is essential. While he is a successful businessman, he believes in giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate to realize their true potential, develop their skills and make a difference to their lives and the community.

The RGE group of companies and the Tanoto Foundation are often involved in various community events. Their philanthropic efforts boost education facilities and help aspiring students to reach their goals and earn themselves the futures that they want and deserve.

One such way in which these companies have made a difference is in the recent donation of books to schools in Indonesia. On the 4th of November 2016, the Tanoto Foundation made a difference to the educational lives of hundreds of scholars in the Tasik Putri Puyu district by donating over 3 000 books to six schools.

Encouraging children to find the fun in learning

The Tanoto Foundation pursues a passion for encouraging the youth of Indonesia to take an interest in education and self-betterment for the sake of their own futures. It is the hope of the foundation that this donation of books will spark an interest in children to learn more.

While most elementary schools in Indonesia have their own text books, they don’t have libraries of other types of books. The Tanoto Foundation aims to encourage children to read and learn more by offering them books that they will find fun and interesting to read. If text books are all that they have access to, they might not want to continue reading – and that’s how a child really learns. This is the sentiment of the Tanoto Foundation.

The Department of Education and Culture in the district commended Mr Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation on their dedication to helping in terms of educational support for the youth in Indonesia. With such a vested interest in the region, it is hoped that Indonesia’s youth with make the country great.

Tanoto Foundation donates over 3 000 books to 6 district schools in Indonesia

Tanoto Foundation donates over 3 000 books to 6 district schools in Indonesia

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