Tanoto Foundation Scholars Meet Their Sponsor for the Very First Time

About 50 MBA and EMBA students from the University of Pennsylvania were recently invited for a five-day visit in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as part of a modular SMU course on “Sustainable Growth in ASEAN.” Tanoto scholars from the Foundation were also invited.

The key speaker at the course’s opening event held at the SMU University Lounge was none other than Tanoto Foundation founder and RGE Chairman, Sukanto Tanoto.


Sukanto Tanoto at the University Lounge

Mr. Tanoto has arrived at the University Lounge to give his speech and meet with the students and the Tanoto Foundation representatives. He had talked about his success in starting his first business endeavors and the challenges he faced, particularly in the crisis of the 1990s.

The RGE business leader has also pointed out just how much education has helped him throughout the years, talking about the lessons he had learned about diversifying his business endeavors and accepting the invaluable support offered by his family in times of need.

Through his determination and constant drive toward education and improvement, Sukanto Tanoto has become one of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Today, he is also a renowned philanthropist whose efforts have touched millions of people in Indonesia, as well as other areas within ASEAN and worldwide.


The RGE Chairman’s Influence on Students

The well-known philanthropist and business leader has met with students from the SMU, among which were Cindi Pratiwi – a 4th year student at SMU School of Accounting – and Joshua Jo, a 3rd year student at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business.

Both Tanoto scholars – beneficiaries of Tanoto Foundation scholarships – were extremely excited to finally meet their sponsor and have confirmed that Mr. Tanoto is an extremely inspiring and passionate leader who has given them relevant and useful advice about beginning their careers, balancing their business and personal lives, and learning from their greatest challenges.

The students said that their experience with meeting Sukanto Tanoto was a humbling and eye-opening one, while also pointing out that the entire event was a complete success.

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