The Invaluable Advantage of a Community-Based Form of Business Thinking

sukanSukanto Tanoto, founder of the Tanoto Foundation and RGE Group, emphasizes the importance of a business model in which entrepreneurs and business owners should adopt a broader view than just that of their bottom line.

This is precisely the main reason for the many gatherings held by the Tanoto Foundation, through which Mr. Tanoto encourages and guides scholarship recipients towards adopting a more integrative and overall better view of their future business practices.

Beyond Normal Assistance and Support

More than three decades ago, Sukanto Tanoto and his family developed the Tanoto Foundation in an effort to improve the most essential areas of education, providing new opportunities for poorer communities and offering assistance with disaster relief and student scholarships.

One of the main reasons the Tanoto Foundation was created, however, was to improve young people’s possibilities to build a better life for themselves and those around them. This is why Mr. Tanoto emphasizes the importance of not only providing relief and educational resources, but also promoting a new way of approaching business efforts.

According to Sukanto Tanoto himself, the Foundation’s goal is to promote an innovative business mindset that would introduce the importance of genuine education and the value of improving life and making the world a better place through one’s efforts – not just limiting oneself to achieving business success.

Aspiring towards Your Highest Potential

For achieving the aforementioned purpose, education is the most important tool that needs to be used responsibly and efficiently. Through the Tanoto Foundation, Mr. Tanoto seeks to achieve this and educate those who are just starting out in life in aiming for their highest possible potential.

Determination, hard work, and promoting fruitful business relations and philanthropic work side by side are among the core values of the Foundation, through which Mr. Sukanto Tanotohas received worldwide recognition for his outstanding work.

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