Sukanto Tanoto: Insight to his personal life

There are six members in Sukanto Tanoto’s family. He has four children. Sukanto Tanoto once frankly said the holidays of their children were the times they could fully relax. The whole family used to go abroad for their holidays. Sukanto Tanoto is a strict father, and he pays much attention to developing his children’s character development.

He never spoils his children.  “Today’s children live in excellent living conditions. I would like to let them know there are still many people who go hungry, and there are also many people who need our help”, he said. To feel not ashamed to learn from one’s subordinates, to know knowledge is infinite, to set themselves as an example to others, and to make every effort when doing something is Sukanto Tanoto’s advice to young people.

When he is at home, Sukanto Tanoto speaks Hokkien with his wife, Tinah Bingei; Minnan dialect with his brothers, and Mandarin with his children. His children, Andre Tanoto, Imelda Tanoto, Belinda Tanoto, Anderson Tanoto graduated from Wharton Business School in America and communicate with one another in English, and sometimes in Indonesian. When the whole family has dinner together, they usually speak many kinds of dialects and languages. This has already been an interesting thing for the family.

As such, despite his busy schedule, Sukanto Tanoto is always present in his children’s lives and playes a crucial role in moulding their character.

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