How business leader Sukanto Tanoto built Sateri

Since its founding in 2002, Sateri has gone from strength to strength. Under the expert guidance of Indonesian business leader Sukanto Tanoto, Sateri has become one of the world’s largest producers of viscose staple fiber (VSF) in less than 15 years.

Quality products, sustainable manufacturing

Mr Sukanto Tanoto is well-known for his commitment to sustainability and high-quality products. These two values come together in the management of Sateri, and have made the company a huge success.

The first Sateri factory was built in Jiujiang, China in 2002 and started producing VSF two years later. As a new business, Sateri focused on its production process and the quality of its product and soon found markets for its high-quality fiber around the world.

Guided by Mr Tanoto’s 4Cs – company, country, community, and climate – Sateri followed an environmentally sustainable and ethical approach when planting and harvesting forests for its raw materials. The company is committed to conserving ancient and endangered woodlands, especially those that are home to threatened species, and only harvests wood from sustainable forests.

Expanding to meet demand from a growing market

In 2013, just 11 years after its founding, Sateri was ready to expand. With new orders pouring in, the company’s management and Mr. Tanoto took the decision to build a second manufacturing plant in the city of Putian,China. This $500 million investment boosted Sateri’s production capacity significantly, and the company’s third mill was opened in 2015.

At the end of 2016, Sateri announced a $1.5 billion machinery order that will lay the groundwork for the company to become the world’s biggest VSF producer. This impressive achievement is another business accolade for Sukanto Tanoto, whose RGE group of companies continues to flourish.

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