It’s a Bloody Affair: Under Sukanto Tanoto, APRIL Donates 1,260 Bags of Blood

Sukanto Tanoto  has always believed in the power of the people, having personally benefitted from the human capability for sheer willpower and volition. Starting out as a young seventeen year-old in the spare parts industry following his father’s death, he grafted and slogged to become the bona fide success that he is today. Today Sukanto Tanoto manages the resource empire that is RGE, which manages several big names such as APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas. The business stalwart is supremely aware of the fact that he wouldn’t have made it to the top on his own either. Knowing the importance of the community, to whom he owes his success to, Sukanto Tanoto has made it his corporate philosophy to always repay the community in every way he can.

Pump it Up: APRIL Drives the Community Forward Again

It’s a Bloody Affair: Under Sukanto Tanoto, APRIL Donates 1,260 Bags of Blood

Sukanto Tanoto’s 4Cs philosophy: creating good for the Community, Country, Climate, and Company is one he has made the cornerstone of his empire. It is an ideology that has shone through his companies; recently APRIL collaborated with the Blood Donor Family Association (IIKD) for their 51st time. With over 1,260 bags of blood donated this time round, it was yet another example of the company’s willingness and enthusiasm for bettering the community at large.

We’re all in this Together: APRIL, for the Community

The recent donation drive was attended by Rudi Fajar, Director of APRIL’s Indonesian subsidiary PT RAPP. Speaking about the event, he appreciates his employees’ participation at these drives, citing the substantial good they have helped to create. “We are… just hoping that what we can do with this blood can be beneficial for the people of Riau, especially the Pelawalan district (that is) in need of blood”, he said.

The donation drive is a welcome event that comes just before Ramadan, where demand for blood usually outstrips supply.  It is a sign of the non-discriminatory mindset that employees at Sukanto Tanoto-owned APRIL have, that they have looked beyond racial, religious, and ideological differences to do something good for the community, together.

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