Enabling the next generation of leaders

When he founded Tanoto Foundation in 1981, Sukanto Tanoto already knew the importance of providing the means and platforms for people to realise their potential. Because of impediments such as poverty and poor infrastructure, many do not get to develop the critical literacies required to be change-makers in their own right.

Himself subjected to an abrupt end to his formal education because of a premature school closure, Sukanto Tanoto all the more knows the value a good education brings. His Foundation is now focused on developing the next generation of leadership through a comprehensive series of programmes.

The disbursement of grants and scholarships may help alleviate the financial burden of less well-to-do students who excel at school. However, the creation of conducive learning environment through infrastructural development and enhanced teaching standards will go a long way to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Find out more on how Tanoto Foundation is building the next generation of leaders on Forbes.

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