Partnership and Collaboration-Driven Philanthropy

When Tanoto Foundation was founded, its founder and Board of Trustees Chairman Sukanto Tanoto placed great emphasis on developing partnerships and collaborating with various stakeholders to harness one another’s strengths and expertise in alleviating poverty.

From its humble beginnings, Tanoto Foundation worked closely with communities, local government and authorities, as well as experts and representatives from non-government organisations, to support the building and development of educational infrastructure. This was one of many initiatives in poverty alleviation. As Sukanto Tanoto’s philanthropic work grew, he turned his attention to making Tanoto Foundation’s work scalable and replicable.

Tanoto Foundation consults each partner to understand their needs, challenges and strengths. With teachers, Tanoto Foundation has rolled out programmes to improve their teaching methods. With the community, it has continuously raised awareness on the importance of education and its support.

With the government, Tanoto Foundation has launched PINTAR to strengthen the education ecosystem. The programme aims to build capacities in leadership and administration in schools, while encourage parental and community involvement.

This is the partnership and collaboration-driven philanthropy that Tanoto Foundation is known for. The multi-stakeholder partnership is also aimed at securing wider adoption of the programmes Tanoto Foundation rolls out.

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