Why Sukanto Tanoto’s Success Means Success for Indonesia

In a competitive world it’s easy to understand why some of the world’s richest are seen in such a negative light. In fact, many people think that richness merely proves an inequality in developing nations, but that isn’t always the case.

The financial stability of Indonesia

After financial crises hit the market in 1997, Indonesia seems to have recovered at an astonishing rate. When it comes to economic stability and investment opportunities, Indonesia is currently Asia’s shining star.

The government cannot do it alone though. Infrastructure development and a decent lifestyle for all is something that the government cannot achieve without the assets, money and philanthropic efforts of the country’s richest people and corporations.

How the rich contribute to Indonesia’s GDP

If you consider Indonesia’s GDP, you will see that it has been steadily improving for at least 13 years. In fact, ever since 2010, the GDP of the country has been increasing by around 6% annually. This is extremely impressive especially when you realise it is only a little less than that of China!

Don’t let the figures confuse you though. Business analysts have recently concluded that the “richest people” in Indonesia contribute up to a whopping 25% of the country’s GDP. When you concede that these “richest people” only make up 0.02% of the Indonesian population, it’s becomes evident that the country needs these people if the country is to continue growing at the same rate.

Take a page out of Sukanto Tanoto’s book

All corporate entities in Indonesia are encouraged to contribute to the development and growth of the country. There’s a great call to action for other companies to be involved in social, environmental and philanthropic activities, much like those organised by Tanoto’s RGE Business Group and the Tanoto Foundation. Make a difference!

Image Credit: Tanoto Foundation – Key members of the Tanoto Foundation dedicate their time to entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Image URL: http://www.tanotofoundation.org/en/tanoto-foundation-international/

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