Mr Sukanto Tanoto Makes Forbes Richest People List

According to Forbes, Mr Sukanto Tanoto made the list of richest Indonesians in 2013 and has remained on the list ever since. Tanoto’s net worth was sitting at around USD 2.3 billion! And that was in 2013!

Mr Tanoto heads up the RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation and has one of the most balanced, destined-for-success business philosophies known to the business market.

What does Mr Sukanto Tanoto do and what is his background?

Tanoto holds most of his wealth in the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Business Group which is involved in the lumber and paper manufacturing industry in Indonesia.

He has built five bio-gas power plants and has great plans to build more facilities in the future to reduce greenhouse gases. Something that continues to surprise those that meet him is that Mr Tanoto doesn’t owe his success to an extensive higher education. In fact, he dropped out of school when he was just 17 years old and started his own business.

Tanoto’s secret to success

Mr Sukanto Tanoto is not your average business man. He is of course well known in Indonesia, not only because he has made the Forbes list of richest Indonesian’s, but because of the positive impact he has had on communities in Indonesia.

Dedicated to doing his bit for those in need for the future of the country, his philosophy is also his secret to success. He strongly believes that companies need to be respectable corporate citizens in order to really achieve their goals and success. In order to be a responsible corporate citizen, the business must operate in such a way that while it is focused on profits, it is also doing good for the community and the climate (environment).

The social and environmental efforts of the RGE Group and Tanoto Foundation

Mr Tanoto ensures that all of his businesses operating under the RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation are actively involved in doing good. He has organised funding for hundreds of scholarships, given millions to providing training for the “One Road, One Belt” project that links countries in Eurasia, hosted litter clean-ups, focused on education and so much more.

What can local businesses learn from Mr Sukanto Tanoto?

Mr Sukanto Tanoto provides local businesses and entrepreneurs with the motivation required to make a success of their endeavours. His success proves that you can honestly make something out of nothing and that by following a simple, healthy philosophy, you can get to where you need to be, while improving the quality of life for others too.
Image Credit: Mr Tanoto’s Forbes profile image

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