The Tanoto Foundation – Education, Empowerment and Enhancement

In 1981 the Tanoto Foundation started construction on its first project, a Kindergarten and Elementary school, in Besitang, North Sumatera. Founded by Mr Sukanto Tanoto and his wife, Mrs Tinah Bingei Tanoto, it is a privately funded non-profit organisation which is active in Indonesia, China, Singapore and the USA. Mr and Mrs Tanoto, along with their children Andre Tanoto, Imelda Tanoto, Belinda Tanoto and Anderson Tanoto are on the board of Trustees.

The Foundation’s aim is to support poverty reduction efforts in countries and communities in which the companies of Royal Golden Eagle operate, using the strategic structures of the 3Es to do so. Education, empowerment and enhancement of quality of lives.

The Foundation is committed to improve the access to, and quality of, education. Not just for students but also for their teachers, hosting teacher workshops to train them to be able to teach their students in a more interactive way so they may learn more and be creative in their thinking.

Through training programmes, skills diversification and technology, the Tanoto Foundation helps to raise the standards of living in poverty stricken communities, leveraging its relationship with its corporate partners (April and Asia Agri) to do so.

To help improve the quality of living in communities, it works with its corporate partners to implement health programmes, sanitation facilities and most importantly, provide clean water.

From 2009 the Foundation has actively supported Cancer and heart disease research, collaboration with National Health Research Institute Singapore.

As the Founders, Mr and Mrs Tanoto, strongly believe that every person has the same right to an adequate education so they may build a better future. However, the provided education needs to be supported by other factors such as community empowerment and enhanced quality of living.

My parents believe that everyone has the right to achieve a better life and to be a productive member of society. Education is one of the main components of this endeavour.” – Anderson Tanoto

Tanoto Scholars Gathering Tanoto Foundation

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