Mr Sukanto Tanoto Gives RMB 100 Million in Support of ‘One Belt, One Road’ Project!

It comes as little surprise that Mr Sukanto Tanoto is in support of developing infrastructure in Indonesia. Just this year he proved his dedication to the cause when he donated a whopping RMB 100 Million to be paid over ten years in support of the latest Silk Road Economic Belt project. The project is also dubbed the “One Belt, One Road” project.

What is the One Belt, One Road Project?

The project is aimed at creating a road with various corridors and other elements that promote trade and investment between China and Eurasia.

The funds have been specifically assigned by Mr Sukanto Tanoto to provide training for the project which is aimed at helping to enhance communication and understanding between cultures. People from various countries will be part of the programme which will hopefully open doors to alleviate the confusion and losses currently experienced through a lack of cultural understanding.

Mr Tanoto made the following statement at his address announcing his intention to donate the funds: “While the project is developing at a rapid pace, there are people in many countries who are unsure about the programme, and misunderstandings and misgivings still exist in some countries and regions. At the same time, many (of) China’s entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the cultures and conditions of other countries in the programme, resulting in considerable losses expanding their businesses.”

The RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation

Mr Sukanto Tanoto, founder and inspiring leader of the Royal Golden Eagle Business Group (RGE) and Tanoto Foundation, has always been dedicated to growth and development, and there is little doubt that the Indonesian nation appreciates the massive donation that he has made to make this positive infrastructure possible for the people of Eurasia.

This donation is just one of the ways that Mr Tanoto is proving that he operates strictly according to his philosophy of businesses in the RGE Business Group; dedicated to doing good for the community, the environment and the profitability of the business. When it comes to being a responsible corporate citizen that’s both environmentally and socially responsible, the RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation members do it right!

Image Credit: PRNewswire – One Road One Belt project accepts RMB 100 Million from Tanoto Foundation

One Belt One Road Sukanto Tanoto Donation

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