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Talking About Reading: Sukanto Tanoto’s Tanoto Foundation Sparks Conversation on Reading

Indonesia, for all its success and potential today, still faces difficulties in creating a literate populace. In a 2016 study released by Connecticut State University, Indonesia came in second last… Read more >

Sri Prakash Lohia – A Heart for Philanthropy

Sri Prakash Lohia, like Sukanto Tanoto, is listed by Forbes magazine among the wealthiest men in Indonesia. The similarities do not stop there. Both men are also well known for… Read more >

Kenyan Leaders Learn RGE Business Philosophy

Recently, a group of 10 senior-level officials from Kenya traveled to Singapore to learn about RGE Business Philosophy and the Group’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The trip highlighted… Read more >

Sukanto Tanoto’s Funding of Olympic Games Shows Overseas Chinese Success

Indonesian entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto, the son of Chinese immigrants from Fujian Province, has funded a wide range of endeavors in the fields of infrastructure-building, social welfare, and education… Read more >

Philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto Among Singapore’s Top Five Wealthiest

In September 2014, the publication Global Indonesian Voices focused on the richest men heading companies based in Singapore. Sukanto Tanoto, the Indonesian-born entrepreneur and philanthropist who leads the RGE Group… Read more >